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SoberSmash Radio show is a non-profit organization that was founded and sponsored by the substance abuse treatment center, Treatment Partners of America. The purpose and mission of Sobersmash is to bring awareness and support to the world wide epidemic of substance abuse through an entertaining, informative talk show and social outreach event program.

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There are many ways to assist SoberSmash in bringing awareness of the substance abuse epidemic facing the health and welfare of the American Public.  You be behind the scenes or on the forefront with us, here are some of the paths to assist our mission.

  • Be a Voice and Spread the Word

  • Be a Guest on the Show

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Scott Frankel

Scott Frankel

As “King Scott”, SoberSmash host and personality, Scott Frankel has a deep passion in raising awareness for substance abuse and mental health issues through non profit outreach initiatives.

  • Seeking Solutions To The Epidemic
  • Provides Ongoing Support
  • Saves Lives


Scott Jones began his career in advertising and marketing with successful television and radio shows in the Philadelphia-Atlantic City media market. As a person in recovery, he wanted to expand his professional life into other areas that would help those who were in need.

  • On-Air personality
  • Certified Interventionist
  • Develop Holistic Training Programs
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SoberSmash LIVE

SoberSmash LIVE broadcasts to Facebook to spread the message of recovery

Interested in being a guest on our show? You can be a guest by either calling in 1-888-855-7115, sending and email to sobersmashradio@gmail.com or reach out on our social media links on this website. Your voice can help in the following ways.

  • Help a Parent Understand the Disease

  • Lead Someone to Get Help

  • Help Someone Stay in Sobriety

Episode 111: Sober World Magazine

Episode 114: Oxford House

Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD)

Darryl Strawberry
New York Yankees
New York Mets

Live Shows

Guests on SoberSmash have the opportunity to share their story, talk about the substance abuse industry and give encouragement to people in all types of roles and stages of the substance abuse epidemic.  Spreading the word by the SoberSmash platform can be an encouragement, lead people towards sources to get help, give non-substance abuse education of the disease and ultimately save lives.

  • Darryl Strawberry

  • FARR

  • Geoff

  • Parent of a Recovering Addict

  • Choices Sober Living
    Sober Living by Tiffany

  • John Hawkins Jr.,
    M.S., L.M.H.C., C.A.P.

  • Jill Stellacio
    Certified Addiction Counselor

  • Dental Care in Recovery
    Dr. Dari Shapiro

  • Eddie Schmidt
    Hundred Families

  • Artie Kornfeld
    Original Woodstock Promoter

  • Patricia Rosen
    Sober World Magazine

  • Dr. Mau and Dr. Cindy
    Latino Community

  • Bart Plaskoff
    First Responders

  • Whit Holden and Lori Hortzclaw
    Oxford House

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